Investigations need to be done in a manner that is respectful to all of those involved. An investigation is just that, an investigation to determine what may have been done and by whom. Sometimes those we suspect are not the ones responsible. Other times they are. Depending on the level of involvement of the individual, will determine to the level to which they wish to co-operate.

Let our experts handle these sensitive situations and preserve and gather the evidence necessary to deal with all types of investigations.


Forensic Accounting

Whether your case is for commercial or individual interests, Dex is instrumental in complex litigation and settlement proceedings including assessment of losses for civil recovery, evaluation of realizable assets and liability of debtors.

Internal Investigation

Internal investigations are generally the most sensitive, as one never knows where alliances lie. It is always best to gather as much information as possible with the minimum number of people knowing. Armed with that information, a successful investigation can then be conducted. Whether through interviews, examination of computers, emails, web browsing history, we can get find the truth.

Fraud Investigation

To state the obvious, someone has taken money from your company through some type of scheme. Our experts have seen it all from credit card theft, false expense reporting, fictious employees being setup and paid, inventory being redirected to another warehouse as well as many more. Our experience will help you gather sufficient evidence to put an end to the fraud and put you in a postion to seek compensation.

Intellectual Property Theft

Information has left your organization that is of potential benefit to your competitors. In some cases it could be worth millions of dollars. Our experts have been involved in all types of intellectual property theft. In todays world, we find that technology is always a part of the way the informaiton leaves. Cloud storage, copying to a USB device, sending informaiton via email or simply printing documents are all ways to remove information from your organization.

Insider Trading

This is one of the most challenging areas of investiagtions. It translates to "Who knew what when, and how was that information used". Our investigators can help. Our investigative techniques will assist you in answering those questions.

Injunction Support

We can assist in providing a report of our findings as well as Affidavit's in support your Injunction. We have successfully assisted many clients in their litigation, mitigating further damage to your company.

Digital Forensics

Evidence Preservation

The preservation of electronic evidence in a way that satisfies both the courts and the opposing counsel is critical. When there is evidence of wrongdoing, there is an obvious tendency to have a look to determine whether or not further action should be taken. Once the evidence is preserved, then you can make the decision on whether you wish to proceed with your own investigation or whether you wish to invest in the cost of a forensic investigation. This approach will ensure that you are protected and the evidence remains unaltered.

Forensic Analysis

Forensic analysis can be the key to winning or losing your case. Our experts have been training on both Mac’s and PC’s and use the latest forensic tools available in the market to uncover everything there is to find. Having the training and expertise to tell the story and then putting it into a report that can be understood by the courts is not an easy task. Our experts have prepared hundreds of such reports.

Litigation Support

Our experts are there for you every step of the way. From reviewing the disclosure, critiquing the work of other experts, preparing a strategy and consulting with you in court. We have assisted numerous firms. We are available to be part of your team.
We will work with you to help you understand the evidence and prepare materials that will be helpful to your case.

Expert Testimony

If your matter ultimately goes to trial, you will want the best to be testifying on behalf of your client. Our experts are well seasoned in testifying in court. We have given opinion evidence in both the Ontario Court and Superior Court. We have done this for both the Crown and Defence.